Bachelor of Vocation Programmes (B. Voc.)

Bachelor of Vocation Degree Pathway


1. Telecom,
2. Automotive,
3. Banking, Financial services,
4. Travel and Tourism
5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
6. Retail Management

Programme Focus: The B. Voc. Programme is changeover from input based education to outcome based education, the outcome for a student after a course/program is more important than the process. This programme enables students to find jobs in respective industry. The student will also be eligible to apply to enroll in the Post Graduate Degree programme of this university.  So, after a B Voc Degree with a particular skill set, one can apply for specific skill based Visa rather than general work permit for foreign immigration. The B. Voc. has all the privileges another Degree holder (B.A. , B.Com., B.Sc., B.E. or MBBS) enjoys, They can take admission to Post Graduation, appear for UPSC exam, Bank, Railways exam etc., where basic Degree is a requirement.

Advantages :

1. Student of ANY stream (Science, Arts or Commerce) who has passed 10+2 or PUC can join B Voc of any skill set. Student here choose, instead B Sc, B com or BA, B Voc in Telecom or Automobile or Banking, financial Services and Insurance, or Travel and Tourism or Logistics and Supply Chain Management or Retail Management Students can take up specific programs to develop skills relevant to occupational standards set by nationally and internationnaly rather than a general Degree.

2. If a student in the present system quits in between for various reason, they are big looser for they do not get any certificate for their learning till such time. But in B Voc if a student leaves after 1 year he gets a Diploma certificate, if after 2 year he leaves he gets an ‘Advance Diploma’ certificate and after 3 years get a internationally recognized Degree certificate from this University.

3. After completion of graduation the student qualifies as a Degree holder for a specific skill set rather than a general graduation. This has tremendous impact on the job market.


» Diploma: 1st Year – 2 Semesters – Full Time
» Advance Diploma: 2nd Year – 2 Semesters-Full Time
» B Voc Degree- 3rd Year-2 Semesters-Full Time

Eligibility: 10+2 from any recognized Board 

Academic Pattern: Outcome Based Education (OBE) 

Curriculum Pattern: Choice Based Credit & Grading System (CBCS) 

180 credits: Blend of Foundation courses for employability enhancement, Skill development courses for hands on learning, Generic and Discipline specific electives for specialization tracks and Audit & general interest courses for pursuing hobbies. 

Employability & Career Path Ways :

1. Forms a solid foundation for professional courses like M Voc., MBA etc. 
2. Career opportunities in firms as Technician after completion of Diploma, Supervisor after completion of Advanced Diploma and Executive after completion of Degree. 
3. Become employed with Industry as skilled personnel. 
4. Pursue Careers in Academics and Research. 
5. Entrepreneurship

Programme Highlights:

  1. Affiliation with Sector Skill Councils
  2. Proficiency in Specific Skills
  3. Industry Projects and Field Visits
  4. Professional Certifications
  5. Career progression to Post Graduate Programmes.

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