Bridging the Gap : Buldhana Urban Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. Join hands with Vishwakarma University.

The Buldhana Sahakari Bank, a 27 year old Corporative Credit Society formed on 15th August 1986, was started and is run by the Chairman (Mr.) Radheshyamji Chandak. In order to provide higher education to its employees who couldn’t get the opportunity to learn further, a MoU is signed between BUCCS (Mr. Shirish Deshpande, Chief Executive Officer, BUCCS) and VU (Dr. Siddharth Jabde, Vice Chancellor, Vishwakarma University).

To contribute towards the cause and to shoulder the responsibility of educating the employees of BUCCS, The University has designed, work integrated post-graduation program under Department of Interdisciplinary / Professional Studies. The curriculum and evaluations thereof is an opportunity for employees of BUCCS to attain higher education which is recognized all over the world. The customized programme aims to create banking personalities with good communication and problem solving skills. The educational platform offered through the said MoU will bridge the gap between age, money and education and will help the participants earn a repute and position in the society.

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